Symche Spira

Senior officer of the Krakow ghetto police. Before the war he was a carpenter by trade and an Orthodox Jew, who did not speak German or Polish fluently. In Krakow he was regarded as one of the best- known collaborator, the Germans had.


“Spira’s Political Section would go beyond the demands of grudging cooperation and would be full of venal men, men with complexes, with close-held grudges about the social and intellectual slights they’d received in earlier days from respectable middle-class Jewry. Apart from Spira, there were Szymon Spitz and Marcel Zellinger, Ignacy Diamond, David Gutter the salesman, Forster and Gruner and Landau. They settled in to a career of extortion and of making out for the SS lists of unsatisfactory or seditious ghetto dwellers.”

Schindler’s List Thomas Keneally



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